Puzzle – 314 (LoW) (Month Based)

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There are eight friends in a group A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. They have their birthdays in one of the following months – January, April, June and July. In each month there are two birthdays. The birthdays are either on 17th or 26th of any given month.

C and E have birthdays in month having 31 days. There are at least two birthdays between A and H. A does not have birthday in January. B has birthday in June. H’s birthday is immediately after B’s. E’s birthday is not on 17th of any month. B’s birthday is somewhere after C’s. There are two birthdays between C and D. B and E have birthday on same date. Similarly, A and G have birthdays on same date. D and H do not have birthdays on same date. F does not like July month.

Solution :

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