Puzzle – 221 (Moderate) (Linear RoW Based)

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Eight persons from different cities, viz Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kanpur, Goa, Ranchi and indore, are sitting in two parallel rows containing four persons each in such a way that there is an equal distance between adjacent persons. In row 1, P, Q, R and S are sitting and all of them are facing north. In row 2, A, B, C and D are sitting and all of them are facing south. Therefore, in the given seating arrangement each member sitting in a row faces another member of the other row. (All the information given above does not necessarily represent the order of seating as in the final arrangement).

The person from Kanpur faces the one who sits on the immediate left of R. R is neither from Mumbai nor from Pune. An immediate neighbour of A faces the person from Jaipur. The person from Goa faces the person who sits on the left of the person from Mumbai. There is only one person sitting between the persons from Mumbai and Ranchi but that person is not R. The persons from Mumbai and Pune are not sitting at the extreme ends. B sits on the immediate left of the person from Kanpur. The persons from Delhi and Goa are immediate neighbours. C and Q are not sitting at any of the ends. S faces the one who is sitting on the immediate right of the person from Goa. A is not from Goa or Delhi. P does not face the one who is from Goa.

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