Daily Puzzle Questions (28-04-2021)

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Here you will get 2 to 5 Puzzle Questions Daily Monday To Sunday. Daily Visit PuzzlesHuB to solve these puzzle questions on a daily basis to improve your score in the reasoning section. All the Puzzles provided here are good quality puzzles and based on the real exam level. If you like these puzzles & want us to continue to provide you quality puzzles, please share our website with all your Aspirants friends.

Daily Puzzle Questions In English Practice Sets :

Daily Puzzle Targets :

Puzzle 1

There are 12 people – Aayu, Chetan, Archana, Kenny, Shivaji, Kismat, Karma, Aayesha, Anshu, Babu, Pooja and Chintu are professionals sitting in 3 rows such that 4 peoples are in each row. All of them are facing north. Row 1 is in front of row 2 and row 2 is in front of row 3. The persons in row one (front) are doctors, middle row are Engineers and third row are Professor.

Babu is in the left corner of 3rd row. Shivaji is in front of Anshu who is next to Chetan. Kenny is sitting to the immediate right of Aayesha. They are doctors. Karma is a Professor and he is on the 2nd seat from right in the row. Chintu sits behind Pooja. They sit on the right corner of their respective rows. Kismat sits on the left corner and he is a Engineers. Aayu is a doctor and does not sit on the extreme right end of the row.

Solution :

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Puzzle 2

Eight friends, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I, are sitting around a square table in such a way that four of them sit on four corners of the square while four sit in the middle of each of the four sides. Each of them likes different colors, viz Red, Blue, Green, White, Pink, Black, Brown and Orange. The ones who sit on the four corners face the centre while those who sit in the middle of the sides face outside, but not necessarily in the same order.

B, who likes Blue, faces the centre and sits third to the right of G. F, who faces the centre, likes Orange and, is not an immediate neighbour of G. Only one person sits between G and H and they like Pink and Green respectively. E, who does not like Black, sits second to the right of C, who likes neither Red nor Black. E faces the centre. D is not an immediate neighbour of B. I likes Brown.

Solution :

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