Puzzle – 96 (HIGH) (Floor + RoW Based)

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Ten boys Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z are sitting in two rows with five persons in each row in such a way that one person in the first row sits exactly opposite and facing a person in the second row. Members of the first row are facing North. They all live in a building with five floors with fifth floor being the topmost floor and first floor being the bottommost floor. Two persons are living on each floor.

U and his immediate neighbour are living on the topmost floor. R sits in the first row to the immediate right of X who sits exactly opposite of T. Number of persons living below T is equal to the number of persons living above him. S is at the extreme end of the second row and is second to the left of T. One of the immediate neighbours of X lives on the bottommost floor. Q is to the immediate right of T and exactly opposite of V. V does not lives with either X or S. Two persons sitting at the ends of the same row are living on an even numbered floor. W sits exactly opposite to U who is at one of the ends of the second row. Z does not sit at the end. R and the person from his opposite row are sitting on an odd numbered floor immediately above Y’s floor.

Solution :

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