Puzzle – 127 (Moderate) (Floor Based)

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Six persons M, N, O, P, Q and R are staying on an eight-storey building. The lowermost floor is numbered 1 and topmost floor is numbered 8. Two of the floors are vacant. They like different colors i.e. Black, Green, Red, Blue, Orange and Pink but not necessarily in the same order. Both vacant floors are the even floor and 2nd floor is not vacant.

R likes Black and lives just below the vacant floor but not on the 5th floor. Two persons are staying between R and N, who is not staying on the 7th floor. There is one floor between the one who likes Pink and M. M lives below pink. M lives on an odd numbered floor. One person is staying between Q and O. Q is not staying adjacent to M’s floor. The one who likes Orange is staying just above the one who likes Blue. Q doesn’t like Blue color. P likes Red but doesn’t live on the 5th floor.

Solution :

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