Puzzle – 95 (Moderate) (Floor Based)

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Seven persons A, B, C, D, P, Q and R are living on a seven storey building in such a way that the ground floor is numbered one, the above one is numbered two and so on till the topmost floor is numbered seven. They all are attending the meeting in seven different days of the same week from Monday to Sunday but not necessary in the same order. No two persons attend the meeting in the same day.

Only two persons are living between the one who attend the meeting on Saturday and R, who lives on one of the even numbered floors.Only one person attend the meeting between P and D, who attends after P. As many persons attend the seminar before D is same as the number of persons attend the meeting after B. The one who attends the meeting on Friday lives immediately below P.None of the persons attend the meeting between D and A. As many persons live below R is one less than above C. More than three persons live between Q and the one who attend the meeting on last day of the week, who does not live on the ground floor. Q lives one of the odd numbered floors but above C lives.Only one person lives between B and the one who attend the meeting on Wednesday. A does not attend the meeting before the one who lives on the ground floor.

Solution :

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