Puzzle – 75 (LoW) (Circle Based)

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Eight friends Ashutosh, Deepak, Kriti, Monika, Piyush, Ruchi, Srishti and Tushar are sitting around circular table and pursuing eight different courses, viz. B. Com, B. Sc, BA, MBBS, B. Tech, MBA, M. Tech and MA, not necessarily in the same order. They are also learning three foreign languages, viz. French, Mandarin and German. At least two persons learn one foreign language.

Only Monika and Piyush are learning French. Monika is third to right of Piyush. Ashutosh is pursuing M. Tech and is learning Mandarin and is sitting to the immediate right of Piyush. Ruchi is pursuing MBBS and is learning German. Tushar is learning the same language as Srishti learns who is third to left of Ruchi and fourth to right of Deepak. Kriti is sitting exact opposite of Monika who is pursuing B. Com. Persons pursuing MA and BA are learning Mandarin. Srishti is pursuing MBA while Deepak is pursuing BA who is learning Mandarin. Tushar is pursuing B. Tech.

Solution :

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