Puzzle – 61 (LoW) (Double Square Based)

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In a park there are 2 benches in square form. One square is inside another. Twelve friends went to the park and sat on the benches i.e on two different squares-one inside another. Tejas, Dilip, Roy, Alok, Sohail and Sahil are in the outer square facing inward. Deep, Akshay, Sunny, Rupam, Akash and Shankar are sitting in the inner square facing outward. They all are sitting in such a way that in each square four persons are sitting in the middle of the sides and two persons are sitting on diagonally opposite corners. Each friend in the inner square is facing another friend of the outer square.

There are exactly two persons sitting between Tejas and Sohail. Akash sits second to the left of Deep. Roy is on the immediate left of the one who is facing Deep. Neither Akash nor Deep faces either Sohail or Tejas. Alok is facing Shankar and Dilip is not opposite Roy in the outer square. Sohail is not sitting adjacent to Alok. Akshay is not facing Tejas. Between Akshay and Rupam there are as many persons as between Roy and Sahil. Tejas sits on any of the corner.

Solution :

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