Puzzle – 343 (LoW) (Square Based)

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Merkel, Rajan, Kerry, Ghani, Jindal, Trump, Stark and Blair are eight diplomats who represent eight different countries – Brazil, China, France, India, Russia, Spain, UK and USA – not necessarily in the given order. The eight diplomats are attending a conference to discuss some important issues concerning world peace. They are sitting at a square-shaped table, two on each side.

Jindal represents UK and is sitting at the third position to the left of Trump who represents Brazil. Jindal and Ghani are sitting on the same side of the table. Blair represents Russia. Merkel, who represents France, is sitting between Trump and Kerry. Rajan and Jindal are immediate neighbours. Kerry represents USA and is sitting at the second position to the left of Rajan who represents India. The person who represents China is a neighbour of Ghani.

Solution :

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