Puzzle – 317 (LoW) (Month Based)

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Nine persons – Dany, Richard, Smith, Bravo, Pollard, Kevin, Aswin, Sharma and Vijay, have an Exam on either 22nd or 27th of the months of March, April and May of year 2019. Note: At least one person and not more than two people have an exam on same day.

Aswin have exam on odd numbered date, but not immediately before or after Dany. Neither Aswin and Smith, nor Aswin and Pollard, have exam on the same day. Only one person have exam on the day on which Richard had. Smith have exam after Pollard. Dany have exam before Pollard, in the month having even numbered days. Smith have exam in May and immediately after Vijay. Bravo and Smith have exam on the same day. Kevin have exam immediately after Richard. Richard have exam immediately after Sharma, who have exam on even numbered date.

Solution :

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