Puzzle – 156 (LoW) (Square Based)

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Seven persons I, H, K, P, M,B and L are seated in a Square table facing Center. There are totally eight seats at equal distance, one of the seats is vacant such that four seats are placed in a corner and other seats are placed in middle of the four sides. They likes different chocolates Milky bar, Dairy Milk, Kit Kat, Munch, 5 star, Amul and Snickers but not necessarily the same order.

I don’t seat at any of the sides and he doesn’t like Kit Kat. B doesn’t sits at any of the sides but sits opposite to P who likes Amul. L likes Munch and doesn’t seat at corner of the table. L is not a neighbor of I.M likes Dairy milk and seated second to the left of L. The one who like Amul is an immediate neighbor of M. The one who like Milky Bar and the one who like Dairy Milk are facing each other in a table. K is seated immediate left of H. The one who likes snickers doesn’t have vacant seat neighboring to him.

Solution :

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