Puzzle – 300 (LoW) (Triangle Based)

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Six friends are sitting around a triangular table, in such a way three friends are sitting three corners facing outside while three are sitting at middle of the side facing inside. Each of them has their exam on different date 21 to 26 of the same month of the same year.

Akansha sits second to the left of Caryl who is younger than Akansha. Only two friends are sitting between Niharika and Banya. Ojasvee is older than Banya. Niharika is 2 days younger than Ojasvee. Meenakshi sits second to the right of Niharika. Banya is not an immediate neighbour of Akansha. Youngest person sits at the middle of the side. Banya is younger than Niharika but not youngest person. Akansha has his exam on an odd number date but not on prime number date. Age difference between Meenakshi and Caryl is 4 days.

Solution :

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