Puzzle – 101 (LoW) (Floor Based)

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There are 9 footballers viz- Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Pogba, Hazard, Xavi, Rooney, Muller and Pique, who live in a nine floor building from 1stfloor(Lowermost floor) to 9th floor (Topmost floor). They belong to different Teams –Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, Everton, Sevilla, Manchester United, Dortmund and Manchester City.

There are three floors between the person from Arsenal and Liverpool and the person from Arsenal lives above the person from Liverpool. The person from Dormund lives on 6th floor and that from Real Madrid lives on the 1st floor. Messi lives on 8th floor and Rooney lives on 3rd floor. Hazard lives three floors below Messi. The person from Manchester City lives on the top floor. There are two floor between the person from Barcelona and Ronaldo and Ronaldo lives above the person from Barcelona. The persons from Everton and Arsenal are neighbors. Neymar does not belong to Real Madrid or Manchester City and there are two floors between Neymar and Pique. Pique, who does not belong to Liverpool lives below Rooney. There’s one floor between the person from Manchester United and the person from Barcelona, who is below the person from Manchester United. Xavi does not belong to Everton or Sevilla.

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