Daily Puzzle Questions (03-03-2020)

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Here you will get 2 to 5 Puzzle Questions from Monday to Friday. Daily Visit PuzzlesHuB to solve these puzzle questions on a daily basis to improve your score in the reasoning section. All the Puzzles provided here are good quality puzzles and based on real exam level. If you like these puzzles & want us to continue to provide you quality puzzles, please share our website with all your Aspirants friends.

SBI CLERK Pre & RBI Assistant Mains Targeted Puzzles :

Puzzle 1

Six candidates X, Y, Z, M, N and O start their journey for office from Lucknow to Kanpur on different days, starting from Monday and ending on Sunday but not necessarily in the same order. One day out of seven days is that no candidate goes for office. Each person starts their journey at different times i.e. 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 12 p.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. but not necessarily in the same order.

X goes immediate before N. The day on which no person goes from Lucknow to Kanpur is after the day on which N goes. There is a gap of two days between the days on which no person goes and X goes. X goes to Kanpur before 4 p.m. M who goes at 2 p.m. is not going on Monday. O goes at 6 p.m. and Z goes at 12 p.m. Sunday and Thursday is not among those days in which no person goes and the timing of person who goes on Sunday is 9 a.m. The day on which a person goes at 6 p.m. is immediately before day on which no person goes. M is immediately before the person who goes office at 9 a.m.

Solution :

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Puzzle 2

Six subjects Maths, Reasoning, GA, English, Banking and Computer are taught. Each subject was given a definite and continuous time slot. In a day total 14 hours class was scheduled. A subject can start its slot from a whole hour or half hour only (i.e. a subject can start from 2 pm or 2:30 pm but it cannot starts from 2:07).

Maths class takes place from 11am to 12:30 pm. Only one class took place between Maths and English. Time slot of English is twice the time slot of Maths. Banking classes starts from 5:30 pm. GA class took place between Maths and Banking but it did not takes place immediately after or before Banking. Total slot time of Reasoning and Computer class is 4.5 hours. Number of classes took place between Computer and Banking is same as the number of classes between GA and Computer. Time slot of GA is 1 hour less than the time slot of English.

Solution :

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Puzzle 3

Each of five boys – Anuj, Bharath, Charan, David and Eshwar are of different weights and different heights.

(i) If they were given ranks 1 to 5 according to their heights (in decreasing order of heights) and weights (in decreasing order of weights), no boy got the same rank in both the categories.

(ii) For any boy, the number of boys heavier than him is not equal to the number of boys shorter than him.

(iii) Eshwar, the tallest boy is heavier than Anuj, the shortest boy.

(iv) Charan is heavier than only one boy and is shorter than David.

Solution :

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Puzzle 4

Seven friends – Chandani, Diksha, Hemant, Kashish, Mahesh, Nitin and Rohan are comparing their scores in an exam. Following are the information about their scores.

(i) Each of them scored a distinct mark.

(ii) Kashish scored the same marks as the average of the marks scored by Chandani and Diksha where Chandani scored more marks than Diksha.

(iii) Both Mahesh and Nitin scored less marks than Hemant but more than Rohan and the marks scored by Rohan is not the least.

(iv)The number of persons who scored more marks than Kashish is same as the number of persons who scored less marks than Kashish.

(v) Chandani scored less marks than Mahesh.

Solution :

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Puzzle 5

Eight boxes D to K are placed one above other in the form of a stack.

Box H is two places below Box D and four places above Box E. Number of boxes below Box J is as same as the number of boxes above Box F. Only one box is placed between Box J and Box G. Box K is placed at one of the position above Box I. No two boxes with consecutive alphabets are placed adjacent to each other.

Solution :

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