Daily Puzzle Questions (12-08-2020)

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Daily Puzzle Questions In English Practice Sets :

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Puzzle 1

In an inter-college fest different institutes have participated namely: SDPS, JLU, MLB, MVM, MIT, PDDB, and GMC in different competitions namely singing, dancing, debate, quiz, chess, fashion show, carom, rangoli and face painting respectively but not necessarily in the same order.

The one who won the fashion show also won face painting. MLB and PDDB did not participate in the debate, rangoli, or chess and they won exactly one competition. MIT won in rangoli only. MVM won in singing and secured 1 position in one more competition but not in dancing or quiz. GMC and JLU won only in 1 competition but none in rangoli. PDDB won either carom or rangoli. JLU won neither Quiz nor face painting. None of the institutes won more than 2 competitions.GMC won either chess or dancing.

Solution :

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Puzzle 2

Five male scientists viz. Paul, Arya, Ram, Rob, and Van are going on an expedition trip to the south pole. Each of the male scientists is accompanied by one female scientist viz. Fila, Jacki, Roxi, Pam, and Foxy but not necessarily in the same order. Thus they are going in a group of two(a male and a female). Each group is carrying a particular brand of camping gear viz. P, Q, R, S, and T but not necessarily in the same order. The ranking of each of these brands in terms of market share is different viz. 3rd, 5th, 6th, 4th, and 9th.

Paul’s camping gear brand is neither R nor T and his brand is not ranked either 3rd or 5th. Jacki is accompanied by either Ram or Van. Ranking of Foxy’s camping gear brand is 5th but it is neither Q nor T. Fila is accompanied by Ram. Ranking of Roxi’s camping gear brand is 6th and her partner is one among Arya, Ram, and Van. Ranking S is 3rd but Ram is not the one carrying it. P’s ranking is a multiple of 3 but it is not a carried by either Paul or Fila. Q brand is better ranked than T.

Solution :

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Puzzle 3

Seven persons – A, B, C, D, E, F, and G live on seven different floors of a building but not necessarily in the same order. The lowermost floor of the building is numbered 1, one above that is numbered 2 and so on till topmost floor is numbered 7. Each one of them also owns different brands of Car, namely Fiat, Hyundai, Honda, Skoda, Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet. (but not necessarily in the same order). All of them went to tour on seven different days starting from Monday to Sunday(of the same week).

A lives an odd-numbered floor but not on floor numbered Three. Only two persons live between D and the one who owns Toyota. The one who owns Honda lives immediately above C. The one who owns Toyota went to tour on one of the days before Thursday. The one who owns Hyundai lives on odd-numbered floors above D. B lives on the floors above E. Only three persons live between C and the one who owns Hyundai. The person who went to tour on Friday owns Fiat Car. The one who owns Fiat lives immediately above the one who owns Chevrolet. G lives on an odd-numbered floor. E does not own Honda. D went to the tour on Sunday. Only one person lives between B and E. The one who owns Toyota lives immediately above A. Neither C nor A owns Skoda. The one who went to tour on Wednesday immediately after the one who owns Hyundai. The one who owns Honda went to tour immediately before the one who lives on floor no 3. There are two persons who live between the floor no 4 and the person who went to tour on Wednesday. The one who went to the tour on Wednesday is not C.

Solution :

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