Daily Puzzle Question (15-04-2020)

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Here you will get 2 to 5 Puzzle Questions from Monday to Sunday. Daily Visit PuzzlesHuB to solve these puzzle questions on a daily basis to improve your score in the reasoning section. All the Puzzles provided here are good quality puzzles and based on the real exam level. If you like these puzzles & want us to continue to provide you quality puzzles, please share our website with all your Aspirants friends.

Daily Puzzle Question In English PDF Practice Sets :

Pre Level Puzzle :

Praveen, Pallavi, Prabhu, Pavani, Prem, Pooja, and Priya are seven teachers working in four institutes namely Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada and Godavari. These institutes are operated by the group of seven teachers mentioned above. The institutes are open only on Sunday. At least one teacher visits the coaching institute on each Sunday but no institute is visited by more than two teachers. Each teacher teaches different subjects. Subjects are: Hindi, English, Maths, Physic,History, Biology and Sanskrit. The names of the subjects are not necessarily in the same order as the names of the teachers. Now study some additional clues.

Pooja, who teaches Sanskrit, visits alone the institute Yamuna. The one who teaches Maths does not visit the institute Ganga. also, he never visits with Prem or Priya. Pallavi visit the institute Narmada,she does not teach Maths. Prabhu visit the institute Narmada. Priya does not teaches Physics. The one who teaches Maths visits the institute with the person who teaches Hindi. The one who teaches History visits the institute Godavari. Praveen teaches neither English nor Physics. All the persons follow the same routine on every Sunday. Pavani visits the institute Godavari with the person who teaches Physics.

Solution :

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Mains Level Puzzle :

Eight football players R, Q, P, O, N, M, S and T have different annual earnings viz. one million, three million and ten million. Out of these, two are females. They all live in a building having eighteen floors with top floor being numbered as 18th and bottom-most being numbered as 1st . It is given that top floor and tenth floor is occupied by two of these players, one by each player. Each of the given eight players likes the following boxers viz. A, B, C, U and V. Two of them likes A, two likes U, two likes B and one likes C and one likes V.

Q earns three millions and likes U, and her friend N likes A and earns ten millions. O, M and N lives on consecutive floors. The one who earns three millions and likes A lives on topmost floor. S lives below the man who earns three millions. None of the players lives between T and S. M likes U, and earns the same amount of money as S earns, who likes B. No two players liking same boxers earns the same amount of money. O lives above M who live below N. O likes B and earns one million while his friend T who likes A earns three millions with only one another person. Not more than three of them earns ten millions. S, R and the one who likes U are living on consecutive floors. The players who earns one million lives on the floors which are divisible by three. No one live on fourth or fifth floor. No female likes either C or V. Females players earns either three millions or ten millions. Neither T nor M is a female. There are only two such pairs of three persons who live on consecutive floors. The one who earns ten million lives on the bottom most floor. R lives above the floor of Q.

Solution :

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