Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 ~ Application Form, Eligibility

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The Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at transforming the lives of women in India. Launched by the government, this scheme seeks to provide financial support and empowerment opportunities to women from various walks of life. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Apun Bahan Scheme 2024, its impact on women, and the broader implications for society.

Assam Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 Details Highlights

Name of the schemeApun Bahan Scheme Assam
Launched byAssam government
Objectiveto provide interest discounts on auto loans
Official website

Introduction to Apun Bahan Scheme 2024

The Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 is a comprehensive program designed to uplift and empower women across India. The scheme encompasses a wide range of initiatives, including financial assistance, skill development programs, and support for women entrepreneurs. It aims to address the challenges faced by women in accessing resources and opportunities, thereby fostering their socio-economic development.

Key Features of the Apun Bahan Scheme 2024

One of the key features of the Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 is its focus on providing financial support to women. Under this scheme, women are eligible to receive direct cash transfers, enabling them to meet their immediate financial needs. This financial assistance plays a crucial role in enhancing the economic independence of women and enabling them to pursue their aspirations.

Additionally, the scheme emphasizes skill development and capacity building for women. Through various training programs and workshops, women are equipped with the necessary skills to enter the workforce or start their own businesses. This aspect of the scheme not only enhances the employability of women but also fosters entrepreneurship and innovation.

Moreover, the Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 places a strong emphasis on promoting women’s health and well-being. It includes provisions for healthcare services, awareness campaigns, and support for maternal and child welfare. By prioritizing women’s health, the scheme seeks to ensure that women have access to quality healthcare and are able to lead healthy lives.

Impact of the Apun Bahan Scheme 2024

The implementation of the Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 has had a profound impact on the lives of women across India. The financial assistance provided under the scheme has helped women overcome financial constraints and pursue education, start businesses, and improve their living standards. This has led to a significant increase in the economic participation of women, thereby contributing to the overall growth of the economy.

Furthermore, the focus on skill development has empowered women to explore diverse career opportunities and become financially self-reliant. By acquiring new skills and knowledge, women have been able to secure better employment opportunities and contribute meaningfully to their families and communities.

In terms of health and well-being, the Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 has played a pivotal role in improving access to healthcare services for women. This has resulted in a decline in maternal and infant mortality rates, as well as an overall improvement in the health outcomes of women across different age groups.

Broader Implications for Society

The Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 has broader implications for society as a whole. By empowering women and enabling their active participation in the economy, the scheme has contributed to the overall development and progress of the nation. Women who have benefitted from the scheme have become agents of change within their communities, inspiring other women to pursue their aspirations and break free from traditional gender roles.

Moreover, the scheme has led to a shift in societal attitudes towards women’s empowerment. It has challenged existing stereotypes and norms, creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for women to thrive. As a result, women are increasingly recognized as key contributors to the nation’s development and are being given the respect and opportunities they rightfully deserve.

Features of Apun Bahan Scheme Assam 2024

Following are the features of the scheme:

  • If male employees buy diesel or petrol vehicles, they will receive a 2% interest subsidy. The incentive climbs to 3% for electric vehicles. For the purchase of any car, female employees and employees with disabilities will receive a 3% interest subsidy.
  • The maximum loan amount available to employees is 15 lakh rupees, or 48 times their net monthly income, whichever is less.
  • the Assam Government launched the “Apun Ghar” scheme, from which 36,159 employees have benefited, totalling a loan portfolio of 4,984 crore.
  • 108 Crore Has Been Allotted For Government Employees To Borrow Homes And Vehicles.

Application Form for Apun Bahan Scheme Assam 2024

Eligible applicants can fill out the application form for the scheme through the official website. However, the government has not notified the official website yet. Once the link will open, you will be able to apply for the scheme on the website.


The Apun Bahan Scheme 2024 stands as a beacon of hope for women across India, offering them the means to achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. Through its multifaceted approach, the scheme has not only improved the lives of individual women but has also brought about positive changes in society at large. As the scheme continues to unfold, it is poised to set new benchmarks in women’s empowerment and serve as a model for similar initiatives around the world.

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