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Abandoned House is a new english song by popular singer Powfu published by Powfu Channel. Find the proper lyrics of Abandoned House song.

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Abandoned House Song Details:

SongAbandoned House
Songs GenreMorden Song
Released DateApr 1, 2023

Abandoned House Song Lyrics

No Plans Tonight No Hangouts
The Markets Closed For The Day Now
Hard To Know That No One Knows A Thing About
Ill See Where The Morning Light Takes Me
Bike Along To The Smell Of Hot Pastries
Stay Out Of Their Way I’m A Bother
Only Feel At Peace By The Water

Theres A Old House
At The Edge Of The Lake
Always Catches My Eye
When I Walk To My Place
A Dock At The End With A Big Metal Gate
Doesn’t Look All That Far
Just A Boat Ride Away

Theres Something Thats Strange
A Mystery Tempting
A Mansion Of Stone
What A Shame If Its Empty
Moss On The Walls
And Covered By Trees
A View That I See In My Dreams

Maybe Its Dark And Abandoned Or Crawling With Mice
Or A Lady Of Age Thats Barely Alive
Someday I Leave Town On A Lonely Adventure
And See For Myself Whats Inside Of This Treasure

Grab A Bag And A Flashlight
Dont Wanna Get Caught Leave At Night
Walk On The Edge Where Its Shallow
Boats To My Knees Bright Yellow

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