Unseen Season 1 2023 ~ Total Episodes, Time & Length

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A criminal show called Unseen Season 1 was made available on Netflix. In Unseen Season 1, Gail Mabalane, Brendon Daniels, and Hein De Vries all have prominent roles. Continue reading to learn more about Unseen Season 1’s episode quantity and duration.

Unseen Season 1 Total Episode List and Time Duration of Each Episode

Episode NameEpisode ListTime Duration
Episode 1S1E149 minutes
Episode 2S1E241 minutes
Episode 3S1E341 minutes
Episode 4S1E441 minutes
Episode 5S1E544 minutes
Episode 6S1E653 minutes
TOTAL RUN TIME4 hours 29 minutes

Starring:Gail Mabalane,Brendon Daniels,Hein De Vries

Creators:Travis Taute,Daryne Joshua

OTT Platform: Netflix

OTT Release Date: 29th March 2023

Watch Unseen (Season 1) Full Series Online (With English Subtitles)

All Episodes Link (English)

S1 E1. Episode 1

S1 E2. Episode 2

S1 E3. Episode 3

S1 E4. Episode 4

S1 E5. Episode 5

S1 E6. Episode 6

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