The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 04 January 2021

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Here You Will Get Important The Hindu Vocab Lists For Exams Like IBPS PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, CGL, CHSL, State Level tests, Other Exams, and so forth. PuzzlesHuB gives you 10 new vocab words daily From The Hindu Editorial on the daily regular schedule which will profit you in the upcoming assessments. The Hindu Editorial vocab list is a booster and an important part of learning and understanding the English language. It will surely improve your reading skills and marks in exams like SSC / Bank Po / Bank Clerk / SBI JA / SBI PO other Competitive Exams. We collect daily top 10 vocabulary words used regularly from the Hindu newspaper.

? The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 04 January 2021 ?

?1. STIFLE (VERB): (गला घोंटना): choke
Synonyms: suffocate, asphyxiate
Antonyms: cold
Example Sentence:Those in the streets were stifled by the fumes.

?2. VOLUMINOUS (ADJECTIVE): (विशाल): capacious
Synonyms: commodious, roomy
Antonyms: tiny
Example Sentence:We have a voluminous purple cloak at home.

?3. PATRONIZE (VERB): (रिआयत करना): look down on
Synonyms: talk down to, put down
Antonyms: friendly
Example Sentence:She was determined not to be put down or patronized.

?4 TACTICAL (ADJECTIVE): (परिगणित): calculated
Synonyms: planned, plotted
Antonyms: unwise
Example Sentence:In a tactical retreat, she moved into a hotel with her daughters.

?5. AMALGAMATE (VERB): (मिलाना): combine
Synonyms: merge, unite
Antonyms: separate
Example Sentence:She amalgamated his company with another.

?6 ONEROUS (ADJECTIVE): (कष्टदायक): burdensome
Synonyms: heavy, inconvenient
Antonyms: easy
Example Sentence:She found his duties increasingly onerous.

?7. DISCRETION (NOUN): (विवेक): care
Synonyms: circumspection, caution
Antonyms: indiscretion
Example Sentence:She knew she could rely on his discretion.

?8. ATTENUATE (VERB): (कम करना): weaken
Synonyms: reduce, lessen
Antonyms: strengthen
Example Sentence:The filter must severely attenuate all the frequencies above 10 Hz.

?9. COMBATIVE (ADJECTIVE): (जुझारू): pugnacious
Synonyms: aggressive, antagonistic
Antonyms: conciliatory
Example Sentence:He made some enemies only because of his combative style.

?10. WHIP (VERB): (भागना): dash
Synonyms: rush race
Antonyms: dawdle
Example Sentence:He whipped round to face them.

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