Puzzle – 72 (HIGH) (Linear RoW Based)

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Eight employees – G, E, V, S, K, D, M and H of a firm are sitting in their respective cabin. The cabin is arranged in two parallel rows- R1 and R2, in such a way that R1 faces south and R2 faces north. An equal number of employees sit in two rows facing each other. Each belongs to different department viz. Quants, Reasoning, English and CA but not necessarily in same order. Not more than two belongs to the same department. Among them, the number of female employees is two less than the male employees.

S sits second to the right of H. The S and the one who faces H belongs to the same department. S faces a female employee who belongs to neither English nor Quants department. K sits at the extreme end of the row and faces the employee of the same department but not CA. Only one person sits between M and D. The employee sitting at the immediate right of D belongs to the same department as D. No other male employee sits at the extreme end of the row other than the employee belonging to English department. E and V don’t sit in the same row. Either K or S belongs to English Department. M is not an immediate neighbour of S or H. E belongs to reasoning department and is an immediate neighbour of the employee who belongs to English department. The employees belonging to CA department doesn’t face north. G faces the employee from reasoning department. V is an immediate neighbour of the employee from English department.

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