Puzzle – 353 (LoW) (Month Based)

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Eight students A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H attended the seminar in trk months of March, May, June, and November. In each month, the seminar will be conducted only on 6th and 14th of the month. Not more than two have a seminar on the same month.

B has attended the seminar on 14th of the month which has only 30 days. Only three friends have attended seminar between B and C. No one has attended the seminar between A and C. A does not attend the seminar in May. Only two friends have seminar between the seminar of A and E. D attended the seminar on one of the days before E. Both F and H attended the seminar on the same date. F has attended the seminar before H but not in June.

Solution :

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