Puzzle – 335 (LoW) (Linear RoW Based)

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Seven persons A, B, C, D, E, F and G like seven different fast foods viz, Burger, Idli Dosa, Samosa, Poha, Pizza and Sandwich, are sitting in the same row facing north direction. Each person likes exactly one fast food and no two people like the same fast food.

It is known that D is not sitting adjacent to F and doesn’t like Sandwich. F likes Idli and sitting adjacent to E but not adjacent to the person who likes Burger. C likes Samosa and is sitting third to the left of E. A likes Poha and is sitting adjacent to the person who likes Dosa. B likes Burger and is not sitting at any of the extreme corners. Only two people are sitting to the right of E and none of them likes Burger.

Solution :

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