Puzzle – 325 (LoW) (Month Based)

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Eight persons –A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H, have attend seminar on three different dates on 4, 11, 15 of the months of January, April and May of year 2019. No two persons attend the seminar on the same date of the same month. One of the dates of in the given months is a holiday.

D attends seminar on prime numbered date of a month which has even number of days. Holiday is come in a date of 15th of the month. Only two persons attend seminar between A and D. A doesn’t attends the seminar in May. More than four persons between B and F. E attends seminar immediately before G. G does not attend the seminar in May.H attends after C. H and B are not immediate neighbors.At least one month gap between C and D.H is not the last person to attend the seminar.

Solution :

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