Puzzle – 279 (LoW) (Linear RoW Based)

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Eight persons are sitting in a straight line some are facing south and some facing in the north direction. They like different colours.

Four persons are sitting in between H and E who likes brown. B faces south direction. C sits immediate left of B. G and E face opposite direction. The one who sits immediate right of D likes white. B sits third from one the extreme end of the row. H sits third right of C who doesn’t face north direction. The one who likes green sits third to the left of the one who likes pink. D sits second to the right of G. F sits right of C who likes orange. The one who likes red sits at extreme end. G is an immediate neighbor of C and E both. The one who likes black sits between E and A. one of the persons like blue colour. H and F facing same direction of A but opposite to C.

Solution :

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