Puzzle – 270 (LoW) (Month Based)

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Eight persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H were born in different months i.e. January, April, June, October on two different dates 16th or 24th. Only One person was born on one date. They all like different colors i.e. Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, White, Black, Orange but not necessarily in the same order.

A was born in a month having 30 days. Only one person was born between H and the one who like Black and none of them was born in January. Two persons was born between the ones who like Black and White. Five persons were born between C and F, who was born after C. B was not the youngest. E was born before G and both of them were born in the same month. No one was born before the one who likes Red. No one is born between D and the one who likes Green. D does not like Green. Four persons were born between the F, who likes Purple and the one who likes Pink. One of the persons born in June likes Blue. The one who was born on 24th April likes Green. E doesn’t like blue. C doesn’t like white.

Solution :

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