Mario Movie 2023 ~ Trailer, Release Date, Cast & More Information

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Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Charlie Day will star in the film adaptation of the classic Super Mario Bros video game, which will be released on October 6, 2022. The actor posted the first look from the movie. The Mario Movie Release Date is April 7, 2023, and the poster shows the appearance of the Mario universe, which appears very realistically in this animated frame.

The Super Mario Bros Movie will be the main topic of discussion at this Thursday’s Nintendo Direct, which will be held on October 6, 2022, according to Nintendo. The first Mario Movie Trailer will make its debut, and it’s possible that other information about the movie will also be discussed throughout the event. However, there won’t be any game announcements, so don’t expect any game news.

The Super Mario Bros Film 2023 Complete Details

Directed byAaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic
Screenplay byMatthew Fogel
Based onMario video game by Nintendo
Produced byChris Meledandri and Shigeru Miyamoto
StarringChris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key Seth Rogen Fred Armisen Kevin Michael Richardson Sebastian Maniscalco, Charles Martinet
Illumination and Nintendo
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Mario Movie Trailer Release date6 October 2022
Mario Movie Release dates7 April 2023 (United States) 28 April 2023 (Japan)
CountriesUnited StatesJapan

Mario Movie Trailer 2022

The Mario Movie is produced by Illumination, the studio that also produced Minions and Despicable Me.  Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, who previously worked together on the animated Teen Titans Go movies, are in charge of directing it. Shigeru Miyamoto, the man of Mario, and Chris Meledandri of Illumination produced the Mario Movie, which was written by Matthew Fogel, the writer of The Lego Movie 2 and Minions: The Rise of Gru. Nintendo also posted the first look at the art style from the upcoming Mario film.

Mario Movie Release Date 2023

In the United States, the Super Mario Bros Film will release on April 7, 2023, and in Japan, on April 28, 2023. If you too grew up in the 90s and do not know the value of ‘Super Mario’, this cannot happen.  Super Mario is the same as the Super Mario cassettes we used to play on TV all day. The same Super Mario who sometimes jumped sometimes entered a tunnel, and sometimes killed the dragon to save the princess. The video game firm “Nintendo” got its name from this game alone, not from any other game. Super Mario is still regarded as a classic video game. And now we’re getting a Mario video game animation film.

Nintendo’s Mario Movie 2023 Poster

Nintendo tweeted a poster for the Mario Movie 2023, which has already gone viral. As everyone is aware, Mario has been a big success over the past three decades. Kids were obsessed with this game since it was challenging to complete, which increased to its attraction. Children used to play it again and again to finish it, and even adults in the 1990s were passionate about it. In both Japan and America, Mario has gained enormous popularity.

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