Like A G6 Freestyle Lyrics ~ Megan Thee Stallion

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The song “Like A G6 Freestyle” is a new English track by the popular artist Megan Thee Stallion. It was recently released on Megan Thee Stallion’s official YouTube channel.

Like A G6 Freestyle Details:

SongLike A G6 Freestyle
ArtistsMegan Thee Stallion
Written ByMegan Thee Stallion
Produced ByBankroll Got It
LabelMegan Thee Stallion
Released DateMay 20, 2024

Like A G6 Freestyle Lyrics

This is gonna be so good
I’m ready

Know I gotta stay fly like Three 6
Got the strap in my bag like a freak bitch
Conceited with a very good reason
I’m feelin’ like a housewife holdin’ up my peaches
Add ’em up, bitches ain’t even a fraction
I’m hungry in this game like I’m fightin’ for my faction
Thee Stallion, say my name, tails start waggin’
Call PETA ’cause I’m sendin’ shots like Katniss
All y’all burst, man, ain’t nobody pop yet
Told the hotties, “Run it up,” and they ain’t even broke a sweat
Bitch, I get so fly, probably need to broker jets
Way I throw it up, you would think money make me sick
Way I stack it up, you would think Bing was my set
Way they pussy watchin’, you would think they ain’t havin’ sex
Turned up my paper, then I turned down that mess
You would think I’m buyin’ ass how I turned up my clique, ayy
Megan this, Megan that, bitch, boo-hoo
You’re really mad Megan ain’t wanna fuck with you
Dog-ass bitch, long hair like a Shih Tzu
Thumbin’ through this motherfuckin’ dough like fufu
In the booth, I’m the one they can’t hang with
Def Jam, y’all lettin’ jokes get famous
Anything get these incels hype
Niggas think they get stripes ’cause they out here doin’ lame shit
Bitch, you wanna be me, the new you look like my old ID
If I stop runnin’ now, I bet the whole game freeze
Makin’ random-ass moves, you’s a NPC
No edit on these motherfuckin’ JPGs
Titties showin’ through this motherfuckin’ JPG
Gaultier, bitch, you know I been a G.O.A.T. to your fave
On ballpoint, I got the best pen in the game, ah

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