Data Interpretation Set ~ 1 (Pre Level)

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Data Interpretation Questions play an important role in all the competitive exams, so we are providing here most expected Data Interpretation Set Which will help you to boost your Data Interpretation skills. All the aspirants who are preparing for bank examinations or other competitive examinations can take benefits from this set.

Directions (1 – 5): Based on the given passage, answer the questions that follow.
A invested Rs. 50000 in a company at the beginning of the year. After a few months, B invested Rs. 40000 in the same company. At the end of the year, A received Rs. 12000 as his share of profit for the year. In the next year, A and B again invested the same amount as they did in the previous year for the whole year. After 3 months, C invested Rs. 60000 and received Rs. 4500 as his share of profit at the end of the second year.

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