Daily Puzzle Questions (31-07-2020)

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Here you will get 2 to 5 Puzzle Questions Daily Monday To Sunday. Daily Visit PuzzlesHuB to solve these puzzle questions on a daily basis to improve your score in the reasoning section. All the Puzzles provided here are good quality puzzles and based on the real exam level. If you like these puzzles & want us to continue to provide you quality puzzles, please share our website with all your Aspirants friends.

Daily Puzzle Questions In English Practice Sets :

Daily Puzzle Targets :

Puzzle 1

Eight persons – A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H have seminars in January, March June and September with two seminars in each month. The seminar is scheduled either on 22 or 28th of the month.

B’s seminar is in March. There is one seminar scheduled between A and B’s. D and C have seminars in same month. G has seminar on 28th of one of the month. A’s seminar is in month having 31 days. Seminar of H is immediately after the seminar of C. The number of seminars between A and E is same as number of seminars between D and G. Seminar of F is somewhere before G.

Solution :

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Puzzle 2

G, H, I, J, K, L, M and N are eight persons a family. There are three married couples in the family. The persons are from three generations. All females of this family are married. H and G are the offspring of J while M and N are the offspring of K and I respectively (K and I are not siblings). L is the wife of J. I is one of the females and she is not the wife of G. Among them there are three writers, two Cricketers, two Doctor and one Engineer. Each person has only one occupation.

All of them are sitting around a circular table facing towards the centre. They sit in such a manner that only one of the grandsons of J is sitting between I and G, while only K is sitting between H and L. One of the sons of J is on the immediate left of J. Only one person is sitting between I and H, but it is not N. M, who is not sitting next to H, is also not sitting opposite to J. H is not sitting opposite a female. The persons who are on the immediate left of M and immediate right of H are not writers while N is an Engineer. The persons who are sitting next to K are neither cricketer nor writer.

Solution :

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Puzzle 3

There are eight family members with four couples namely; N, O, P, Q, R, S, T and U are sitting around the round table, two of them are facing away from the center.

Only two people sit between O and R. O faces the center. S sits second to the right of O. R is the wife of N. No female is an immediate neighbor of R. P is not an immediate neighbor of O. P is the daughter of R. Both immediate neighbors of P face the center. Only three people sit between N and P’s brother. S is not the brother or husband of P. N, P and P’s brother none of them is an immediate neighbor of S. Q sits three places away from T’s husband. U, the wife of O, sits to 3rd to the right of Q. Both T and N face a direction opposite to that of P. P’s husband sits to the immediate left of T. O’s father sits to the immediate right of R. O sits second to the right of N’s father. Both the immediate neighbors of S are females. T is grandmother of O.

Solution :

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  1. Sir in todays (31-07-2020) puzzle there is a statement called Q is three place away from T’s husband which means there are two people between Q and T’s husband…But in your solution 3 people are given between them…Please take care of this from next time..Lastly i want to thank you for this awesome collections of puzzle…


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