The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 10 July 2021

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Here You Will Get Important The Hindu Vocab Lists For Exams Like IBPS PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, CGL, CHSL, State Level tests, Other Exams, and so forth. PuzzlesHuB gives you 10 new vocab words daily From The Hindu Editorial on the daily regular schedule which will profit you in the upcoming assessments. The Hindu Editorial vocab list is a booster and an important part of learning and understanding the English language. It will surely improve your reading skills and marks in exams like SSC / Bank Po / Bank Clerk / SBI JA / SBI PO other Competitive Exams. We collect daily top 10 vocabulary words used regularly from the Hindu newspaper.

? The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 10 July 2021 ?

  1. DAWDLE (VERB): (समय नष्ट करना): linger
    Synonyms: dally, take one’s time
    Antonyms: hurry
    Example Sentence:
    She mustn’t dawdle—she had to make the call now.
  2. WRETCHED (ADJECTIVE): (मनहूस): miserable
    Synonyms: unhappy sad
    Antonyms: cheerful
    Example Sentence:
    I felt so wretched because I thought I might never see you again.
  3. SHORTLY (ADVERB): (एकाएक): sharply
    Synonyms: abruptly, bluntly
    Antonyms: patiently
    Example Sentence:
    Do you like cricket?’ ‘I do not,’ she said shortly.
  4. BLEAK (ADJECTIVE): (निरावरण): bare
    Synonyms: exposed, desolate
    Antonyms: lush
    Example Sentence:
    It was nothing but a bleak moor.
  5. SUCCUMB (VERB): (अधीन होना): yield
    Synonyms: give in, give way
    Antonyms: resist
    Example Sentence:
    We cannot merely give up and succumb to despair.
  6. BENIGN (ADJECTIVE): (सौम्य): kindly
    Synonyms: kind, warm-hearted
    Antonyms: unfriendly
    Example Sentence:
    His mannerisms are firm yet benign.
  7. RECALCITRANT (ADJECTIVE): (अक्खड़): uncooperative
    Synonyms: intractable, unmanageable
    Antonyms: amenable
    Example Sentence:
    It is a class of recalcitrant ten-year-olds.
  8. BREAKTHROUGH (ADJECTIVE): (उन्नत): advance
    Synonyms: development, step forward
    Antonyms: setback
    Example Sentence:
    It was a major breakthrough in DNA research.
  9. DECEPTIVE (ADJECTIVE): (भ्रामक): misleading
    Synonyms: illusory, illusive
    Antonyms: honest
    Example Sentence:
    He put the question with deceptive casualness.
  10. BOHEMIAN (ADJECTIVE): (अपरंपरागत): unconventional
    Synonyms: nonconformist, unorthodox
    Antonyms: conventional
    Example Sentence:
    As an artist, you live a bohemian lifestyle.

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