Reading Comprehension Quiz Set ~ 17

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Dear Aspirants, Practice This Reading Comprehension articles practice test set 17 To Improve Your Comprehension Skills For Banks Exams like IBPS PO, IBPS CLERK, SBI PO, SBI CLERK, and Others. We try our best to provide you with quality content of Reading Comprehension.

The ominously increasing practice of female foeticide is made evident by the decreasing male: female ratio in most parts of the country. But this has not been enough to wake our nation out of a complacent slumber. Do we really fail to realize that this inhuman practice is unethical, immoral, and illegal, having serious repercussions? Or, do we ignore the truth under the influence of some latent but more powerful forces than our individual subjectivity?

It is pre – evident that in our country the dominant ideology with respect to gender discourse is both patriarchal and patrilineal in nature. This male-dominant power dynamics constructs the rationale which formulate s a kind of validation in the social psyche for gender disparity and even for gender-based crimes. It also creates a social mindset that considers boys’ assets and girls nothing more than a burden. The validating reasons are threefold. First, in our society descent and succession are through males. Sons carry forward not just the lineage but property rights as well. Secondly, only a son can beget spiritual benefits. The condition precedent for the attainment of moksha is the performance of cremation rites by the son. Last but not least, while a son’s marriage brings a dowry into the family, a girl is always associated with the term paraya dhan. Females are regarded only as temporary members of their natural family.

On the one hand, a daughter or woman is generally considered financially unproductive as her contribution is largely in the form of unremunerated family labor and, on the other, she alienates her parent’s property on marriage. Even in the present context of working women, who are financially productive, social perception does not change because apart from a few initial years, for the whole of her life she earns not for her parental but marital home. It becomes extremely difficult to break through this nexus of sheer economics and traditional, cultural practices tangled with the status of females in our society.

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