Puzzle – 64 (LoW) (Circle Based)

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There are eight friends, namely Ravi, Anish, Atul, Ajay, Devansh, Rohit, Mukul and Pranav, sitting around a circular table facing the centre. All of them own a different model of Samsung phones, as C7, A3, J2 Pro, J7, A8, J5, ON PRO and S6, but not necessarily in the same order.

Pranav is not a neighbour of Anish while Rohit owns neither On Pro nor S6. There is only one person between Ravi and Ajay. Atul, who owns J5, is third to the left of the one who owns J2 Pro. The one who is sitting opposite the one who had A3 owns S6. Neither Ravi nor Ajay has J2 Pro. There are two persons between Devansh and Mukul, who own A3 and A8 respectively, but neither of those two persons is Atul. Ravi is second to the left of Devansh and owns J7. Anish is an immediate neighbour of Mukul.

Solution :

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