Odisha Town Planning Scheme 2021 ~ Records of Rights to Villagers

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Odisha Town Planning Scheme has been launched by CM Naveen Patnaik to distribute Rights Record (ROR) to villagers. Here in this article, you will be informed about the Town Planning Scheme application.  Odisha Town Planning Scheme 2021 has been launched by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on 24 December 2020. It is a scheme launched by the Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA). At the official launch event of the Odisha Town Planning Scheme, CM distributed land patents to the residents of 4 villages located on the outskirts of the capital city. The main objective of this scheme is that the Records of Rights (RoRs) will be distributed to the villagers. Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated the city plan for the first time by distributing land ‘pattas’ to residents of four villages on the outskirts of the city under the Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA).

Highlights of Odisha Town Planning Scheme

Scheme NameOdisha Town Planning Scheme
Launched ByBy the CM of Odisha
BeneficiariesPeople of State
Registration ProcessUpdate Soon
BenefitsDistribution of Rights Record (ROR) to villagers
CategoryOdisha Govt. Schemes

Odisha Town Planning Scheme 2021

Odisha Town Planning Scheme is a project by the BDA to increase the road density of the city and improve accessibility. Cities are the engines of growth for our economy, so CM focused on the planned development of cities on a sustainable basis and enabled organic growth while ensuring safety nets for the weaker sections. Patnaik said that we have to plan our cities sustainably and enable organic development by ensuring safety nets for the weaker sections. The scheme has been launched to improve the management of urban expansion and socio-economic activities through a structured and modern process to ensure that the Land Use Plan provides for the provision of service within the extended periphery of Bhubaneswar Integrated.

Record of Rights to Villagers in Odisha (RoRs)

As noted by the Chief Minister of Odisha State, community participation and civic participation are central focus areas for the development of cities in Odisha. Such a partnership model is given high priority by the state government with the active participation of citizens. The primary objective of the Odisha Town Planning Scheme is that the state is made a role model in urban development. Records of Rights (RoR) have been distributed by CM Naveen Patnaik to the villagers of the following areas through video conferencing such as-

  • Sahajpur
  • Nargoda
  • Sijuput
  • Paikarapur

Planned Development under Odisha Town Planning Scheme

Odisha Town Planning will usher in a new era of planned development. This new plan for the development of cities will be implemented in a time-bound manner so that a model can be made to emulate the rest of the cities. BDA has been commended by Odisha State Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for launching this scheme in partnership with landowners. This initiative has been planned in a fair, transparent, and practical way of expanding cities.

Land Pooling Process for Infrastructure Development 

Under Odisha Town Planning Scheme, BDA will now adopt a land pooling process instead of traditional land acquisition. Under this scheme, this land polling method will be followed for infrastructure development and urban development in Bhubaneswar and its outskirts. In the first phase, 358 RORs will be distributed to the landowners of Saharpur village. The BDA has taken over 40 percent of the landowners covering an area of ​​746.70 acres from 4 Mouzas i.e., Sahajpur, Nargoda, Sijupur, and Picarpur under the scheme. In lieu of this, BDA will not provide any compensation but will ensure the development of infrastructure on the remaining 60% of the area.

Benefits of Odisha Town Planning Scheme

  • After the Odisha Town Planning Plan comes into force, the city will be able to obtain land for public purposes such as-
    • Low-income housing
    • Open space
    • The roads
    • Utilities
    • Social facilities
  • Through this scheme, many of the expansions in and around Bhubaneswar will be avoided. Benefits of the scheme will include increasing road density in the city, improving accessibility, reducing average travel length, and reducing road congestion.
  • After the approval of the state government on this final proposal, the Department of Revenue and Disaster Management has taken an initiative to improve the record of the final plots in favor of the landowners. Sijuput and Picarpur 1 are under process and will be completed soon.
  • The Odisha Chief Minister on his Twitter handler stated that “a new era has started in the state in terms of planned development and it is expected that the program will be completed within the stipulated time and will set an example for other cities.”At present, 45 townships have been done in 58 revenue villages of the state.”

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1 thought on “Odisha Town Planning Scheme 2021 ~ Records of Rights to Villagers”

  1. Fail to understand why this scheme has been initiated only for Bhubaneswar! Why not for all the towns and cities in Odisha? Town planning is utterly lacking in our country, more so in Odisha. Looks like anyone can make any house with utter disregard to space required for associated infrastructure like roads, drainage, water supply, electricity and fibre optics. There are very few roads where one can drive a car! Two cars can hardly cross each other thanks to encroachment of roads by residents and the authorities turning a blind eye to such violations of rules of law. Footpaths are a dream! It is high time that the government takes control of the situation and make sincere efforts to modernise our towns with development of proper infrastructure!


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