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The chief of the YSR Congress party, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has announced nine welfare schemes. These are large-scale welfare schemes. It is going to be worth at least Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh per anum. Through this post, we will explain to you about this entire scheme. For this, you have to read this article completely. Below is the article is the YSR Navaratnalu Scheme Names List included in welfare schemes.

[న్వ్ర్త్నాలు]YSR Navaratnalu Scheme Names List 2021 Telugu

YSR Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has given a list of schemes that they wanted to start in the upcoming years of their rule in the state. This is a vision of the government through which they wanted to work in the AP.YSR Congress Party has given a name to this bundle of schemes are the Navaratnalu. So, friends, this is the list of all Navaratnalu Scheme Names List 2021. Most of the schemes are started by the YSR government. All the details are available on the official websites of the respective schemes. We also have provided information regarding some of the schemes and will provide information about reaming schemes.

They promise to give Rs 50,000 as financial assistance to the farmers. In the second year, Rs12,500 would be given to each farmer 39s family with no interest loan and bore – well will be free for them. Free electricity for 9 hours during the day, food processing centers, and cold storage would be provided to them. For a natural disaster, Rs 4000 crore will be allotted as relief funds. for agriculture tractors, there is no toll and road tax. Bima will be provided to the farmer’s family i.e. Rs 7 lakh For accidental death or suicide.

 Fee Reimbursement Scheme

The party said that they will give a comprehensive fee reimbursement scheme. In addition to this, Rs 20,000 as allowance will be given to each student. Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh will be spent on the education of every student.

Aarogyasri Scheme

Through Aarogyasri free medical treatment will be given to those persons who are below the poverty line or those whose annual income is less than Rs 5 lakh. Arogyasri will cover all the categories.under this scheme all operations and all diseases will cover. Financial assistance will be given to the family of a person after the treatment. Pension of Rs 10,000 will be provided to the person who is suffering from kidney disease.

The Jalayagnam Scheme

This is the dream project which is going to complete now. Its main motive is to save the water. Saved water will be provided to the farmers for cultivation. Ponds will be modified to save more and more water.

Ban On Alcohol

They promised if the YSR Congress Party is elected then they will van alcohol in three stages. They will van alcohol because this is the main reason to increase disputes in the family. The sale of Alcohol in the hotels will be limited.

This scheme is about the education of poor children. The people of poor families always worried about their children’s education so this scheme is for them. Rs 15,000 will be given to the mothers for their children’s education as financial assistance.

YSR Asara, YSR Chevuta

If the women want to take a loan from a cooperative society that would be paid to them in four installments. This loan directly paid to them. There will be 0% interest for the women. This interest will be given to the banks by the government.YSR Chevuta is given to the minority women of BC, SC, and ST. Rupees 75000 will be granted to the women of BC, SC, ST who are above 45 years by YSR Chevuta.

They will be provided houses for all the poor families who belong to different categories, parties, religions, etc. In 5 years 50 lakh houses would be constructed. land for houses with registration and construction will be provided to the poor families. After construction of the house, the registration of the house would be done at the name of the female of that family then the house will be hand over to them.

There will be Rs 3000 pension for those persons who have any type of disability. Pension for senior citizens will be increased to Rs 3000 by YSR Government. The age limit for pension is also decreased i.e. 60 from 65.

This set of schemes is already implemented in the AP state. As of now there is Govt. of the YSR Congress. Many people are now taking advantage of these schemes. You can also apply for these schemes as per your eligibility. To know full information of any particular scheme you can check that on our website. Some of them have a direct link to the scheme page on this website. So that you can check those too.

This is the information regarding Navaratnalu Scheme List 2021. If you have any questions then write to us in the comment box. All the answers will be given soon. Thanks.

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