YSR Bima Scheme 2021 ~ Pathakam Form pdf, Claim, Status Online

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There was a Bima Scheme in Andhra Pradesh state called Chandranna Bima Scheme. Like other schemes name of this is scheme also changes now. This scheme is called now YSR Bima scheme 2021. This happens after new schemes announcements by the YSR government of Andhra Pradesh. This scheme is not only renamed but also some new features are added in this Bima scheme. I will provide you with all the information regarding this new scheme of the YSR Congress government. Will give you information about how this scheme is important for the people of Andhra Pradesh. Most people do not know about bima. Bima is also known as insurance. But due to a lack of information people do not know much about schemes of insurance.

We will provide you all the information regarding this scheme. Will give you all the information about how to apply for YSR Bima Scheme. What are the documents required and eligibility criteria for YSR Bima Scheme 2021? Check all the information given on this page so that you can take benefit of this scheme.

YSR Bima Scheme 2021

Many people among financially week categories of society are not aware of insurance policies like YSR Bima Scheme 2020. They also do not worry about taking any insurance or health insurance policy. But these days if any person from a financially weak family gets health issues, then spending money upon disease becomes very difficult for them.

At this time if there is an insurance policy that covers the health issues then it will be very easy for them to get good treatment of the ill person. Similarly, if any people from the same weak financial background got an accident or any other life-threatening situation then what will their families do. There will be anything like an insurance policy (YSR Bima Scheme) that can help the family members of the victim people.

Due to unwanted mishaps in one life, this useful life cover policy is very helpful. Insurance Scheme is covering many areas to give help to those people who are financially weak and not able to get any insurance policy from the open market. As they can not pay for insurance premium every month or whenever is the time for submitting the premium amount. So YSR Bima Scheme will provide cover to the financially weak people of the state. The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial help to the workers of the weaker section of society whenever it is required. Whether it is in on work, any major or minor health issues, accidental injuries to the worker, accidental death of the worker. In that critical time, every family of the victim needs help. And this YSR Bima scheme is providing the same to the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Main Objective and Insurance Features of YSR Bima Scheme

  • Mainly this scheme is for workers and laborers of the Andhra Pradesh state.
  • Workers and laborers belonging to the unorganized sector, if they got accidental death then 5 lakh rupees are given to the families belonging to that worker.
  • If any person becomes partially disable accidentally on work then there is the 2.25 lakh rupees cover insurance to that person.
  • This scheme is working parallel to the central Government scheme PM Suraksha Bima Yojana. So benefits are given from any of these schemes.
  • If there is a natural death of the worker then 3 lakh rupees are given to the family.
  • Not only the accidental amount is given to the families but there is a scholarship scheme of rupees 1200.
  • The scholarship amount is given to the children of the victim if they are studying in high schools and intermediate also if there studying in ITI.
  • There is another benefit if any person becomes totally disable then a round total of 362500 rupees are given. In this 2.25 lakh rupees are given by the state government and the remaining amount is paid through the central government scheme.

Helpline Number of YSR Bima Scheme

Helpline number is – 155214.

If you want helpline number District Wise then Click here.

Note:- All the related details regarding YSR Bima Scheme 2020 will be available in your nearest common service center. But you want to contact the concerned department then you can visit the website of this scheme and take all the necessary contact details. After that, you can take the district wise or information about your scheme from the district administration.

Eligibility and Registration Process of YSR Bima Yojana 2021

  • YSR Bima scheme is meant for all the workforce from the unorganized sector.
  • State Government of Andhra Pradesh well covers the workers of every age.
  • The defined age of getting insured is, the starting age is 18 years.
  • The maximum Age of insurance is 70 years.
  • To get the benefits all the workers need to register themselves in the unorganized worker social security act 2008.
  • Maximum cases organization SERP will do all scheme related work. That is registering unorganized workers, all the data of workers and related online databases made and maintained by the same department.
  • For the registration, the worker needs to visit the Labor Department.
  • Here he will get the assistance from delegated assistant in the office.
  • Once registered for YSR Bima Scheme. It will allow the worker to access the central government bima schemes also.
  • There is no need to register for Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana and Aam Admi Bima Yojana separately. Once you are Registered with YSR Bima Yojana.

District Wise Claim List of YSR Bima Scheme

  • To get the information of total claims and information regarding settled claims and pending claims.
  • Also, information about distributed claims and those who are rejected is given on the web page of this scheme. http://www.bima.ap.gov.in.
  • There is information about the total number of beneficiaries according to their districts.
  • You need to visit the website provided by the government. Where you can check all the information you need.
  • Just select the year 2019-2020 on the dashboard for the year.

YSR Bima Scheme 2021 Online Form pdf and Claim Status Online

  1. If you want to claim your insurance.
  2. Then visit the website of YSR Bima Yojana to apply for.
  3. Now select the option for filling the application form online.
  4. Now check all the information related documents you need to attach with the form.

Check Status of YSR Bima Online

  • To check the status please visit the official website http://www.bima.ap.gov.in.
  • On this website option of the report.
  • Click on the report option.
  • Now you have all the reports district wise.
  • Now select your district and click on the YSR Bima claim status and add additional details.
  • When you click on add details you have all the application status in front of you.

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