Why Does Pink Wine Trigger a Headache?

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Folks have been complaining about wine complications since historical Greece.

Right here’s what the science says about pink wine complications and the way to stave them off earlier than you sip.

A wine headache, which occurs within the first three hours after you will have a drink, isn’t the identical as a hangover, which kicks in later.

One concept is that allergic reactions are guilty for that achy, throbbing feeling. Some individuals are delicate to histamines, that are discovered in lots of fermented meals, together with pink wine. However research testing the histamine speculation discovered no distinction in individuals’s responses to pinot noirs with high and low ranges of histamines, or when individuals got an antihistamine earlier than ingesting a glass of Sangiovese.

To check their speculation, the researchers might want to examine individuals’s responses to wines which might be excessive and low in quercetin.

For Dr. Levin, a co-author of the brand new examine, the pursuit has develop into considerably private — he just lately developed the disagreeable response to pink wine and now seeks out varietals that he hopes received’t have an effect on him. “I believe I do know which wines may be the extra tolerable ones, however I’m not fairly positive but,” he stated. “So it’s one other experiment.”

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