West Bengal Mayer Ranna Yojana 2021 ~ Eligibility & Benefits Details

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The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mrs Mamta Banerjee has given a huge gift to all the people of the state of West Bengal before the commencement of the assembly elections in the state of Bengal. In this gift, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has started a plan to give food in full for five rupees. In many cities of the state, people can eat a meal full of five rupees. The scheme is being launched by the state government on February 15, the name of which was named Mayer Ranna Yojana. Earlier one such scheme was launched by the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu State Jayalalithaa named Amma Thali Yojana. But now this scheme is being launched in the state of West Bengal under the name of Mayer Ranna Yojana 2021.

Mayer Ranna Yojana 2021

The West Bengal State Government has started West Bengal Mayer Ranna Yojana from 15 February 2021 in which needy families will be provided with a full meal for 5 rupees. Under this scheme, the government will set up food stalls at 16 places in the state of Kolkata. At these food stalls, anyone can eat a full meal by paying five rupees. Vegetable eggs, rice and lentils will be provided in everything for 5 rupees. This scheme is a very big initiative for all those people who are unable to get good food due to financial constraints and due to poverty, they are finding it difficult to eat bread for two times. Now such people will be able to get a full meal for five rupees which are not available anywhere else. So if you also belong to the state of West Bengal, then read carefully about Mayer Ranna Yojana 2021 because it will not be right for you but will help you in helping any needy.

New Clothes to Poor People Under Didir Rannaghar Scheme

In addition to the cooked food under this West Bengal Mayer Ranna Yojana launched by the West Bengal government, the state government will donate clothes to help the poor citizens of West Bengal wear new clothes during the festive season. , and also a resolution made through the state government led by WB Didir Ranaghar Scheme. To support all the people of the state who are struggling to feed their family members due to job loss, all those assistance will be provided.

West Bengal Mayer Ranna Yojana Meal Time

To avail benefits under Mayer Ranna Yojana, you cannot go to get food at any time, for this a fixed time of providing food has been set. This time is between 1:00 to 2:00 in the afternoon. So, if any person wants to take advantage of this scheme and wants to get a meal of Rs. 5, then he can go to any of these 16 stalls between 1:00 to 2:00 and get food by giving 5 Rupees.

Implementation of Mayer Ranna Yojana

Kolkata Municipal Corporation has been given the responsibility of implementing this scheme. According to Devashish Kumar Ji, a member of the Board of Administrators of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, it has been gradually that the scheme will operate stalls in all 144 wards of the metropolis. Along with this, the expansion and development of the scheme over time will provide benefits to more and more people.

Benefits of Mayer Ranna Yojana 2021

  • Under this scheme, people of any section of the state can go to any stall with Rs. 5 and have a full meal.
  • To get this meal you do not need to fill any form or meet any guidelines or eligibility criteria. You should have only Rs. 5, which you can get food by looking at it.
  • At any store set up under this scheme, any person can get a full meal by paying a small amount. It will also be helpful in removing caste and discrimination.
  • People whose income is not so much that they can make good food at their home and can get cheap food by availing the benefit of this scheme.

West Bengal Mayer Ranna Yojana Eligibility Criteria

There are no required eligibility criteria for this scheme. Any person can go to any of these 16 installs in the state of Kolkata and get food by paying Rs. 5.

How to Get Benefits of Mayer Ranna Yojana West Bengal?

West Bengal State Government is going to start West Bengal Mayer Ranna Yojana from February 15, no information has been received regarding an online application under this scheme. Under this scheme, food stalls will be set up at 16 places in Kolkata, in which any person can eat a full meal in just five rupees. Under the WB Mayer Ranna Scheme, vegetables, eggs, rice, and lentils will be available for five rupees. People will be able to have a full meal by visiting the designated food stall between 1 pm and 2 pm.

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