The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 24 December 2019

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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist 24 December 2019

1. UPBEAT (ADJECTIVE): buoyant (उत्साहित)

Synonyms: happy, cheery
Antonyms: depressed, discouraged

Example Sentence:
He is a very upbeat person.

2. SPUR (NOUN): incitement (प्रेरणा)

Synonyms: catalyst, excitant
Antonyms: deterrent, hindrance

Example Sentence:
Redundancy is the spur for many to embark on new careers.

3. RELUCTANT (ADJECTIVE): unwilling (अनिच्छुक)

Synonyms: disinclined, unenthusiastic
Antonyms: willing, enthusiastic

Example Sentence:
She is applying pesticides with great caution.

4. REDUNDANT (ADJECTIVE): unnecessary (अनावश्यक)

Synonyms: inessential, needless
Antonyms: important, useful

Example Sentence:
Many people are reluctant to talk about politics.

5. BUTTRESS (VERB): bolster (सहारा देना)

Synonyms: reinforce, uphold
Antonyms: undermine, weaken

Example Sentence:
His tough line is buttressed by a democratic mandate.

6. ATTICISM (NOUN): grace (लालित्य)

Synonyms: grandeur, elegance
Antonyms: crudeness, imbalance

Example Sentence:
I see the majestic Atticism in her personality.

7. AUSTERITY (NOUN): severity in manner (आत्मसंयम)

Synonyms: acerbity, asperity
Antonyms: informality, mildness

Example Sentence:
The austerity of the politician was well renowned.

8. ARTIFICE (NOUN): clever act (चालाकी)

Synonyms: maneuver, gimmick
Antonyms: candor, honesty

Example Sentence:
These pictures are full of artifice.

9. VALOUR (NOUN): courage (वीरता)

Synonyms: firmness, fortitude
Antonyms: cowardice, timidity

Example Sentence:
His valor impressed everyone.

10. VIGILANT (ADJECTIVE): attentive (जागरूक)

Synonyms: observant, cautious
Antonyms: heedless, impulsive

Example Sentence:
I am very vigilant while writing a letter.

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