The Hindu Editorial Vocab 09 Sep 2021

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Here You Will Get Important The Hindu Vocab Lists For Exams Like IBPS PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, CGL, CHSL, State Level tests, Other Exams, and so forth. PuzzlesHuB gives you 10 new vocab words daily From The Hindu Editorial on the daily regular schedule which will profit you in the upcoming assessments. The Hindu Editorial vocab list is a booster and an important part of learning and understanding the English language. It will surely improve your reading skills and marks in exams like SSC / Bank Po / Bank Clerk / SBI JA / SBI PO other Competitive Exams. We collect daily top 10 vocabulary words used regularly from the Hindu newspaper.

? The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 09 September 2021 ?

  1. IMMEDIATE (ADJECTIVE): (तत्काल): Instant
    Synonyms: Instantaneous, On-the-spot
    Antonyms: Delayed
    Example Sentence:
    The authorities took no immediate action then and there.
  2. AWFUL (ADJECTIVE): (भयंकर): Disgusting
    Synonyms: Nasty, Terrible
    Antonyms: Lovely
    Example Sentence:
    The place was filled with awful smell and dirt.
  3. RELIEVE (VERB): (राहत देना): Counteract
    Synonyms: Reduce, Alleviate
    Antonyms: Exacerbate
    Example Sentence:
    The bird’s body is black, relieved only by white under the tail.
  4. DEFER (VERB): (योग्यता को स्वीकार करना): Yield
    Synonyms: Submit, Give way
    Antonyms: Stand up to
    Example Sentence:
    You must defer to him in my absence as you do me.
  5. EXECUTIVE (ADJECTIVE): (शासनात्मक): Administrative
    Synonyms: Decision-making, Directorial
    Antonyms: Subordinate
    Example Sentence:
    The executive chairman threw him out.
  6. SUCCOUR (VERB): (सहायता करना): Aid
    Synonyms: Help, Assist
    Antonyms: Oppose
    Example Sentence:
    Prisoners of war were liberated and succoured.
  7. ZEAL (NOUN): (जोश): Passion
    Synonyms: Ardour, Fervour
    Antonyms: Apathy
    Example Sentence:
    His zeal for his work led to his success.
  8. TRIBULATION (NOUN): (आपत्ति): Trouble
    Synonyms: Worry, Anxiety
    Antonyms: Joy
    Example Sentence:
    His time of tribulation was just beginning.
  9. RIGOROUS (ADJECTIVE): (सख्त): Strict
    Synonyms: Severe, Stern
    Antonyms: Lax
    Example Sentence:
    Rigorous controls on mergers need to be taken.
  10. FILTH (NOUN): (गंदगी): Dirt
    Synonyms: Muck, Grime
    Antonyms: Cleanliness
    Example Sentence:
    The filth wasn’t removed properly.

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