Puzzle – 96 (LoW) (Linear Based)

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Ten persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J are sitting in two rows with five persons in each row. The persons in row one are facing south and the persons in row two are facing north. Each person in row one faces a person from the other row. All of them likes a different colour, viz Black, Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Pink, Brown, Red, Purple and Orange, but not necessarily in the same order.

The persons who like Yellow and Pink sit opposite to each other. F sits opposite to A, who likes Black. The one who likes Blue sits opposite to the one who likes Red. J is not facing north but sits third to the left of G, who likes Blue. There is only one person between B and C. E sits at one of the ends of the row and likes Pink. The one who likes Red is on the immediate right of D, who does not like Orange. The persons who like Green and White respectively are not facing north. C likes Brown. The one who likes White sits opposite the one who is second to the right of B. I does not like Orange. E sits opposite to the one who sits second to the left of the one who likes Green.

Solution :

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