Puzzle – 94 (HIGH) (Circle Based)

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P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are eight boys sitting around a circular table. Two of them are facing outside while rest are facing towards centre. All of them like books of different writers, viz. KC, UF, JP, PC, CP, PJ, FU and KT but not necessarily in the same order. Each of them is carrying a bucket with a capacity of 3, 5 or 8 litres. Total volume of all the buckets of these eight friends is 40 ltr.

S and R are sitting third and second to the left of P respectively. The difference between the volumes of buckets of Q and the one who likes JP is the same as the number of persons sitting between them. S and V are neighbours of Q, who likes CP. The one who likes PC sits on the immediate right of Q. V is sitting third to the right of P and likes KC. The sum of total capacities of the buckets of the immediate neighbours of P is greater than 6 but less than 10.W is third to the right of T and likes FU. The capacity of the bucket of the person who likes KT is not the highest but greater than that of his immediate right neighbour. P and Ware not the neighbor of that person who likes PJ. U does not like JP and PC. Both the immediate neighbours of T have buckets of 3 ltr. capacity. The person who likes KT is sitting opposite T. The one who likes CP has a bucket of 5 ltrs. Q and P are not facing each others.

Solution :

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