Puzzle – 79 (LoW) (Day Based)

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Six plays A, B, C, D, E and F are to be staged starting from Monday and ending on Sunday with one of the days being an off day, not necessarily in the same order, Each of the plays has different time duration: ½ hour, 1 hour, 1 ½ hours, 2 hours, 2 ½ hours and 3 hours, again not necessarily in the same order.

Sunday is not an off day and a Play of ½ hour duration is staged on that day. Play A is staged immediately before Play E. There are two plays staged between Play F which is for 3 hours and Play C which is for 1 ½ hours. The off day is after the staging of Play E and there are two days between the off day and Play A. Play D which is for 2 hours is not staged on Monday. The play staged immediately before the off day is of 3 hours. Play A is for less than 2 ½ hours.

Solution :

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