Puzzle – 72 (LoW) (Day Based)

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India is to play cricket matches with 7 different countries – Zimbabwe, Pakistan, West Indies, Bangladesh, England, Sri Lanka and New Zealand on seven days of a week from Monday to Sunday but not necessarily in the same order. These matches are to be played at different venues – Mumbai, Mohali, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Ranchi, Kanpur and Kolkata again not necessarily in the same order.

Match with Sri Lanka is to be played on Thursday. The match with New Zealand is to be played in Mohali. Three matches are scheduled between matches with England and New Zealand. The match in Kanpur is to be played on Monday. The matches in Mumbai and Hyderabad are not with Sri Lanka. On Wednesday, there is no match in Ahmedabad or Mohali or Mumbai. The match in Mumbai is played immediately after the day on which match in Kolkata is scheduled. The match in Hyderabad is not before the match in Mohali. There is 1 match scheduled between the matches with Sri Lanka and England. The match with West Indies is not scheduled in Kolkata or Ahmedabad or Ranchi. The match with Zimbabwe is not on Monday. The match in Ahmedabad is scheduled after the match in Mumbai. The match with Pakistan is not scheduled in Kanpur. The match in Mohali is scheduled just before the match in Hyderabad. The match with England and Pakistan is not scheduled in Ahmedabad.

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