Puzzle – 67 (LoW) (Table + Comparison Based)

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Six persons Chitrarth, Gaurav, Apoorva, Adarsh, Sahil and Sonalin who are wearing Black, White, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow coloured caps are travelling to different towns -‐Goa, Ajmer, Surat, Bhopal, Lucknow and Cuttack not necessarily in that oder, these persons had participated in a lottery at the end of which each of them secured different ranks. It is also known that:
(i) Sonalin secured 4th position and was going to Ajmer.
(ii) The person wearing blue coloured cap was going to Bhopal and didn’t secure 2nd position.
(iii) Adarsh wearing white coloured cap was not going to Goa or Lucknow and he was not ranked 1st .
(iv) The person wearing green coloured cap was ranked 6th and he was going to Lucknow.
(v) The person who secured 3rd position was going to Cuttack.
(vi) The person who secured 1st rank was going to Surat and he was not wearing black or red coloured cap.
(vii) Chitrarth was wearing yellow coloured cap while Sonalin was not wearing red coloured cap.

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