Puzzle – 54 (HIGH) (Floor + Month Based)

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Eight people M, N, O, P, Q, R, S and T live in an eight floored building, with ground floor being 1st floor and top floor being 8th floor. They all have their birthdays in Feb, March, April and May on dates 10 or 20 but not necessarily in the same order.

Two people celebrate their birthdays between the birthdays of O and P. S is 2 months exactly younger to T. The one whose birthday come in a month of 31 days lives on the lowest floor while the oldest of them lives on the top floor. N lives on the 4th floor. One person lives between O and R. As many people live between T and S lives between M and Q. Two persons live between the ones whose birthdays fall in the month of April. M’s birthday fall on 20th Feb. The persons whose birthdays fall in the month of March live on the adjacent floors. Two persons live above R. Two persons celebrate their birthday between the birthdays of P and S. N lives on one of the floors above S. Q is older than N. One person lives between T and M.

Solution :

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