Puzzle – 45 (Moderate) (Distance Based)

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Six horses A, B, C, D, E & F are made to stand in a row facing north & distance between 2 adjacent horses increases from left to right, in consecutive integral multiples of 4.

Distance between C & D is 60 m and only 2 horses stand between them. F sits immediate left of C. A sits somewhere to the right of F and distance between them is in multiples of six. The distance between C and B is 44 m. Horse A starts moving towards east, after moving 12 m, it turns to its right and walked 20m. Again it turns right and moves 60 m. From thereafter turning to its left and walking for a distance of 5 m, it comes to halt at a point M. Horse F moves in north direction for a distance of 20 m and then turn to its left and moves 26 m. After taking one more turn to its left it stops at a point N after walking 5 m. Horse D walks south and travel 10 m before turning to its left. After 24 m it takes right turn and walks 15 m and reaches point Q.

Solution :

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