Puzzle – 36 (Moderate) (Month Based)

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A certain number of people celebrate different festivals in 4 various months having exactly 30 days. They celebrate the festivals on different dates which are exactly divisible by 7.No 2 persons celebrate the same festival. Each person celebrates only a single festival in a year. There are at least 2 days (in this given arrangement) on which no festival is celebrated.

D and R celebrate their festivals on the same dates of different months. K celebrates Lohri in the last week of a month. Dussehra is celebrated by G fourteen days prior to Diwali. One of the people is W. Durga Puja is celebrated either immediately before or immediately after Navratre. Christmas is celebrated by J. Both Pongal and Shivratri are celebrated on the same dates. Only 4 festivals celebrated between the festivals of S and H, who celebrate Raksha Bandhan(also one day no festival is celebrated between them). The number of persons celebrating after J is equivalent to the number of persons celebrating before A, who celebrates Ashtami. Eid is celebrated in the third week of April by M. J and B celebrate their festivals in the same months but no one else celebrates their festival in that month, also J and B do not celebrate their festival on consecutive days. No festival is celebrated between Dussehra and Diwali. Holi is celebrated in 2nd week of April. B celebrates Bhai Dooj on the 14th of a month. 2 people celebrate their festivals between K and P, who celebrate Navratre. S celebrates Diwali in the last week of September. X does not celebrate Holi.

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