Puzzle – 302 (LoW) (Linear RoW Based)

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There are eight people Akku, Brijesh, Carrom, Daryl, Elvish, Farooq, Girja and Heena sitting in a row and four people are facing north and four are facing south direction but not necessary in the same order. Not more than two people who sit together face the same direction.

Girja is sitting second from one of the extreme end of the row. Four persons are sitting between Girja and Heena. Akku sits third to the right of Heena and faces north. Daryl sits third to the left of Brijesh. Farooq sits second to the right of Brijesh, who is facing in south direction. Elvish is sitting at one of the extreme end and facing in north direction. Farooq is not an immediate neighbor of Girja. Heena is facing in opposite direction with respect to its neighbor. Girja and Heena are facing in opposite direction. Three persons are sitting between Elvish and Carrom. Elvish and Carrom face in the same direction.

Solution :

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