Puzzle – 268 (LoW) (Table Based)

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There are 7 friends namely Z, Y, U, V, T, X, W who work in different banks i.e. ICICI, HDFC, LIC, SBI, CANARA BANK, KOTAK, UBI but not necessarily in the same order. Also, they have different Laptops i.e. ASUS, APPLE, DELL, LENOVO, ACER, HP, SAMSUNG but not necessarily in the same order.

W is not from ICICI. T does not have LENOVO and ACER Laptop. The one who works in ICICI has APPLE Laptop. U works in CANARA BANK. T works in SBI. Z has SAMSUNG Laptop. X works in HDFC and has ASUS. The one who has ACER Laptop works in KOTAK. The one who has HP Laptop neither work in UBI nor SBI. U does not have HP. Neither W nor V works in KOTAK.

Solution :

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